Salo Art Design - Hand-Crafted Hardware

Salo Art Design strives to provide the highest quality kitchen hardware while offering a wide variety of pricing and design options.

Verona Bronze Italian Architects in Northern Italy have specialized in the design and manufacturing of solid bronze pieces.
Original designs are a tribute to the Valle Sabbia region in Northern Italy near Brescia, and these products pay homage to the ancient craft and history of working with Bronze and its alloys. Bronze represents the start of an evolutionary age in human development 5000 years ago, via the skill of metalwork.
These collections are the union of art, craft, history and passion from Italian artisans. Verona Bronze presents a range of handles in traditional bronze-metal finishes by contemporary designers.

Visturo Designs These latest contemporary pieces from Northern Italy are designed and manufactured in the region north of Milan and south of Lake Como. They have interesting contours and shapes with multiple lengths and consistent, durable finishes.

Flowerday Design Thoughtful, unique Kitchen and Furniture Hardware from a legendary American Designer, introduced Metal Meld with Flowerday Design.

Located in Grand Rapids, MIchigan, Salo’ is a new venture from the Schaub family, long involved in decorative hardware.